Last Updated: 20th December 2018

Canopy Botanicals Kratom Review

There have been a number of Kratom vendors, may it be online or in physical stores who have taken to selling Kratom Tea. One of them is Canopy Botanicals, another one would be Oregon Kratom but for sure the best is The Golden Monk. However, unscrupulous sellers abound the market, so you really don’t know who sells legit products. You may be lured by the low prices only to find out the seemingly good deals you snagged are either fake or adulterated.

Kratom tea has caught on among those looking for an alternative health drink.  Tea, after all, has always been associated with medicinal properties. For some, it may be an acquired taste, but there are those that truly enjoy it and drink it to perk up their day or reap its supposed health benefits.

That’s why Kratom tea has been gaining popularity over the years, and gained huge attention from well-known sellers such as Canopy Kratom Botanicals. Besides, it is one of the best ways to ingest Kratom. It’s fuss-free – you just mix the powder extract with water and it’s ready to drink.  You can also opt to brew the Kratom leaves and strain it.

Going back, the obvious question would be, “Does Canopy Botanicals sell the real deal?  Is this vendor any good? Let’s find out in this Canopy kratom review.

What is Canopy Botanicals?

Canopy Botanicals is an online marketplace based in Texas, which sells specialty products such as Kratom tea in different strains. It is quite uncommon to find as much variety as they have on their e-commerce site.

The Canopy Tea Botanicals store boasts of reasonable price points, special discounts, and free delivery of their items within US.  The site is user-friendly with its simple and intuitive navigation design.  You can easily find particular Kratom products using their search option.

Is Canopy Selling Kratom strains?

Kratoms strains sold by Canopy Botanicals have excellent and consistent quality, according to their customers who have given them positive feedback.  Aside from Kratom items, they also offer a wider array of handmade soaps, spices, and other herbal teas.

Personally, I came across a lot of interesting items on their site, such as Maplewood Bacon tea, Pink Elephant Blend, to name a few.  As far as Kratom tea variants go, you can expect to find popular choices such as Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da to the more unique, hard to come by extracts like Cherry Bomb Enhance Blend and the limited Harvest Gold Maeng Da, which is cultivated from red Kratom strain.

I’m not quite a fan of these blend types because they are the weakest forms of Kratom.  So if you’re looking at being stimulated or something to elevate your mood and well-being, these shouldn’t be on your shopping list.  For me, their blend offerings have conflicting properties with their use of different strains.

Canopy Botanicals’ Gold Maeng Da

If there’s one thing that they sell that I’m really fond of, it would be the Gold Maeng Da.   Also referred to as the Gold Horn, It is a rare Kratom strain that has analgesic properties, which alleviates moderate pain from joints and muscles.  Apparently, Canopy Botanicals sells some of the best (if not the best), Gold Maeng Da products in the Kratom market.   This strain is also a bit unique, and the meticulous drying process it entails could be the reason why other sellers don’t include it in their product roster.

Other Canopy items

Chimes Ginger Chews are ginger candies that come in flavors such as peppermint, mango, etc., which you can also get from the site.  They’re delicious and the chewy texture makes it fun to eat.  Interestingly, they’re great for relieving nauseous effects and for those who have had a few too many Kratom in their system.  In fact, it’s recommended for those who take more than 5 grams of Kratom in a day.

I noticed though that Canopy Botanical also sells regular products such as Earl Grey teas and the like.  These items are easily found in grocery and pharmacy stores.  I think they should just concentrate on offering more specialty products such as their Kratom strains.

Canopy Kratom pricing

Canopy Botanicals also offers things that are not readily available in local stores such as Himalayan Pink salt, Oolong tea, etc.  They are even sold at affordable prices, which is a plus.

But sometimes, when a product sells for cheap, you may be attracted to it yet, you wonder if you are compromising quality.  It’s not unusual to sell some Kratom, especially the rare ones at high prices. At Canopy, their Kratom powders are being sold for as low as $3.50 for every 250 grams.   It’s also crazy to find that they have a Kratom blend for less than 10 dollars.  I can’t help, but be skeptical about it.

After trying some of their teas myself, I found them to be significantly less potent.   I mean, I should be buzzed with 4 grams, right?  But with their kratom tea, I didn’t feel anything – no sedation took place whatsoever.  Although effects may differ from person to person,  I’m still on the fence whether they are selling the real deal or not.

Experience with Canopy Botanicals customer service

Canopy Botanicals offers standard customer services, which they could use a lot of improvement on.  Case in point: their customer hotline, ok, it’s not a hotline because no live voice will answer your call.  Instead, you will get an automated response.

Another thing is their lack of refund policy.  As such, all sales placed are considered final.  There is no guarantee on 100% product satisfaction, which otherwise would have boosted a potential buyer’s confidence in their website’s legitimacy.

Despite the many missing elements, this online vendor has gained a good reputation among their customers because of the Kratom offerings.  Orders even include a handwritten thank you note from the company, which is actually a nice touch.


So there goes my Canopy Kratom review.  Overall, it would be best to try ordering one product for size and take it from there.  Perhaps, Canopy Botanicals products themselves are enough reason for you to trust them.