Last Updated: 01st January 2019

Green Malay Kratom

So I tried the Green Malay Kratom – I don’t know if it’s just me, but it felt familiar and at the same time, there was something else to it. Wait, I think I should have taken it sooner – it’s like having a high-value item, which you weren’t aware of, so you never thought much about it.  And when you discover its real worth, you wanted to punch yourself for being so ignorant that you have almost lost something precious.  I had a gold mine sitting in my cupboard all along.

That’s what I felt about when I finally got to taste the Green Malay Kratom.  I didn’t know I could feel that great, I thought the Red Vein Thai Kratom would remain unparalleled in terms of potency and satisfaction to me.  Don’t get me wrong, the Red Bali will still be my favorite, ok, maybe this time, it will be just one of my top Kratom powders.  Because the Green Malay deserves a rightful spot high up there as well.

And just like Pandora’s proverbial box, but this time it’s the opposite – unlocking even more good stuff,  it made me want to sample other Kratom strains, too.  But for this article, I like to focus on the Malay Kratom, which I will experience major FOMO on if one day it becomes unavailable.


Green Malay Kratom’s Specialty

Herbal fanatics are buzzing about Kratom for a reason.  While there are popular Kratom strains such as the Red Bali, each variant has its own special qualities.  Some may be better in sedation than others.  A particular strain may be significantly potent in providing energy than the rest of the extracts.  Quality also differs depending on where you buy your Green Malay stuff.

I may sound like I’m a blind follower of some weird cult or the latest endorsing drum beater to hype up an unpopular product.  I don’t really care because I know I’m speaking my truth, and I’m not being paid to do so.   I’m doing this because I’m not a selfish person.  I want other people to know a good thing such as the Green Malay.  I like them to experience what I have for themselves.  It’s my way of sharing my blessings.

So the Green Malay is neither the Red Bai nor the Yellow Sunday.  There are general similarities, of course, but as I mentioned earlier, each strain is unique in their own way.  Let’s start with potency.

Kratom strains can induce euphoria and sedation in varying degrees.  It also depends on how much your intake is.  For some extracts, you will just need very little to experience the effect you are looking forward to.  Varying the dosage of  Green Malay can also be geared towards achieving your desired results.  For example, a few grams of Kratom will give you a boost of energy and enhanced mood.  Amping it up, it then becomes a sedative that can relieve your body pains.

Green Malay and its Alkaloids

Also, Green Malay has alkaloids that make pain relief a reality, in fact, there are over 40 of them.  Add to that the varying amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine, which make it an excellent sedative.  That’s why it’s not difficult for Kratom to be a stand-out, and the fact that it’s all natural compared to morphine makes it even more appealing to the health-conscious.  And if you have an option like this,  it’s a no-brainer.

What sets the Green Malay Kratom from the usual Kratom suspects is that it can provide a reprieve from pain and at the same time, maintain energy so that you can continue to work or do whatever it is that you have to.  While it raises your blood flow, it numbs your pain receptors in the process.  This is why the Green Malay is fast gaining popularity among Kratom enthusiasts.

As common among Kratom strains, it is never a good idea to consume excessive amounts to prevent any undesirable side effects such as nausea, vomiting, to name a few.  So it’s best to exercise your sound judgment by not taking more than 2 grams at a time.


Let me reiterate that the Red Bali still maintains its soft spot in my heart.  Each Kratom user may have his own preference as well.  I would say that The Green Malay can easily be your alternate strain, if not your primary one.  That’s what makes this the perfect go-to variant.  It can also be included in your weekly Kratom rotation.  It serves up your required potency just the like the one you have gotten used to.

The drying process of the Kratom herb dates back to many centuries ago and is still observed to this day.  It worked for our ancestors back then so why should we alter it now?   This way, you get 100% pure Green Malay.  I’m sure you would not have it any other way.

The Green Malay Kratom is your herbal boon from Mother Nature. I have let you in on the many reasons why this should be a staple in your Kratom habit.  But again, keep an open mind by trying all strains if possible.  You know how consuming a thing too good, too often can lead to desensitization later on.   You don’t want that to happen to your beloved Green Malay, do you?