Last Updated: 20th December 2018

Red Vein Thai Kratom

The most well-known variety of Red Strain Kratom out there is the Red Thai Kratom. It’s popular for its effects on the user. It helps the user relax and have a sense of clarity.

Unlike the Green Vein Kratom, which acts as a stimulant, the Red Vein Thai Kratom acts as a pain reliever or a sedative with effects that lasts much longer. It is also known to give off a euphoric effect to whoever uses this particular product.

What is Red Thai Kratom?

Red Vein Thai Kratom, as the name suggests, comes to the red-veined Kratom leaves. The red pigment of the veins comes from the unique chemical found in the Kratom tree. A theory states that the variation may be caused by genetics.

The Red Thai is a Kratom strain, according to most farmers, is more resilient than other types of Kratom. Also, red-veined leaves are more likely to appear on younger trees. It is also said that the weather and temperature has an effect on the color of the veins of the leaves.

Red Thai Kratom acts as a sedative. With that said, this particular type of Kratom is used to promote relaxation. It can also be used by people who are suffering from insomnia because it is also known for its ability to help people sleep. It has no stimulating effect like the green and white strain.

Since the Thai Kratom acts as a sedative, it is best used before you go to bed to ensure a good night’s sleep. But be warned that taking this in the middle of the day may affect the way you go about your day. You might get sleepy in the middle of an important meeting at work or you might even fall asleep at your desk. It’s best to take a different type of Kratom strain at daytime, preferably the type of Kratom that acts as a stimulant.

The Red Vein Kratom also helps relieve pain. It’s known for its soothing effect on the user. This particular strain also helps boost your mood. This kind of effect is can’t be achieved when using a different type of strain.


Red Thai Kratom and its Effects

Pain Alleviation

The Red Thai Kratom’s most important and well known medicinal benefit is pain alleviation. According to a number of customers, they use this specific botanical product mainly as a pain reliever. There isn’t much information about the alkaloids present in this particular variety of the Kratom plant.

But, Becket A.H carried out a research that has proven that red vein Kratom strains have a higher level of 7-hydoxymitragynine. This is the alkaloid that is responsible for the pain killing effect the Red Thai Kratom gives.

Peace of Mind

Herbal plants that act as a pain reliever naturally comes with a relaxing and analgesic effect. This is caused by the 7-hydoxymitragynine. This particular alkaloid induces the soothing and calming effect that helps us get rid of stress and other negative thoughts.


How do you use Red Vein Thai Kratom properly?

It’s important to know your purpose of taking this so you know how much you’re supposed to use. Follow these guidelines on how to properly take Kratom according to the effect you’re after.

If you plan on using this to mitigate the effects of stress, depression, mood swings, anxiety and insomnia, it is advisable to take 4 up to 8 grams of Red Thai Kratom. This dosage will help you relax and clear your mind.

If you want to use this product to help alleviate pain, take 8 to 9 grams. This dosage will go straight to you brain’s opiate receptors to help reduce the pain. Taking a higher dose is not advisable because it might give off a negative effect on the user.

Just like when you take any other pharmaceutical out there, you should be careful when using this product. Yes, Red Veined Thai Kratom is known to be “less strong” than any other strain, but this doesn’t mean it’s okay to take more than the advised amount.

Make sure to follow the proper dosage so as to avoid any complications. Taking more than the recommended dosage may result to nausea and dizziness. These are two of the most frequently seen side effects. Taking more than the recommended dosage along with alcohol or any other opiate substance may lead to more serious side effects.


Also, you should be vigilant when it comes to the company you’re buying from. Some of the products may have alkaloids in a greater degree than others. It’s best to start taking this in small amounts. Gradually increase the dose until you get your desired effect.